9/22/2016 11:59PM     

Am I Doing What I Love?

One question prompted Caroline Sherman's journey from successful businesswoman to thriving playwright.


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... I always true Lots musical theater ... yes the my parents and my siblings and I have this magical place greater than the new CBO is just a basic data gets dark the music starts storing the perspective of the characters ... I wanted to be a ... part of that I never had the presumption audacity to think that I could be debt free living ... early on in my life and always hope that I would actually run a business ... as for his corporate job ... to allow the big name companies act on that very comfortable ... once you find a seat to secure a job a lot of people just then mm I can still vividly remember that day ... when I was sitting in my cubicle ... too much for a management marketing job and I just at this moment of ... looking at ... this being Wall PT ... minute to ... doing whatever I'm and ... and the answer was no I'll is fuel ... by that fire ... sparked by the question and that's been set in immediately ... be bold and try to write and every time ... he's quite right is called Empire has a love story that takes place during the building the Empire State building ... we wanted to try to see this for Rio so we need to varying color business back ... into this world ... freezing money ... market ... operations manage ... all those business skill sets contacts deliver operating in the marketplace ... when we first did the show we did it in a nineteen ninety house in Los Angeles show starts and has his resounding opening towards the opening number in an audience sits lower than they've seen ... that moment ... is wonderful ... I took my niece seriously so that I could have a late I wanted to have ... you could pursue your dreams inch by inch just do it every day you end up ... I'm doing what I love ... every ... day ... many Mr Allan Sherman and I rate the stock theater ... or ...