The New York Fed added $24.8 billion in temporary liquidity to financial markets via a two-day repurchase agreement operation, in which eligible banks took far less liquidity than the $120 billion the Fed was willing to offer.

    The economics profession embarked this year on a soul-searching appraisal of perceived hostility to women and minorities in its ranks, and the Federal Reserve wants to get ahead of the curve.

    Bonds with the lowest junk credit ratings have rallied in December, rebounding from a beating taken this fall, as fund managers prepare for 2020 by adding risk to their portfolios.


  • Sunday, December 22nd

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  • Central Bank of Egypt releases policy statement (EGY)
  • Bank of Japan’s Kuroda gives speech in Tokyo (JPN)
  • 6:50pm ET
    Bank of Japan releases summary of opinions at Dec. 18-19 meeting (JPN)

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