Opera Review

This year’s festival moved outdoors due to Covid-19 and included ‘The Magic Flute,’ ‘Gods and Mortals,’ ‘Il Trovatore’ and ‘The Passion of Mary Cardwell Dawson.’

香蕉视频苹果下载August 18, 2021

For all its romance, Bard SummerScape’s indoor production of Ernest Chausson’s rarely performed opera resembles an action movie with an underlying message: Don’t let a girl into the boys’ club.

July 27, 2021

The soprano, with collaborators guitarist Bill Frisell, bassist Christian McBride and pianist Dan Tepfer, tried to create a jazz-club vibe at the socially distanced Hudson Yards venue with a mix of classical and popular fare.

April 22, 2021

This year’s Prototype Festival features six boundary-pushing operas, most of which can be enjoyed at home.

香蕉视频苹果下载January 13, 2021

Short pieces from 20 Irish composers, a serial space opera and a trio of works inspired by famous diaries.

香蕉视频苹果下载December 28, 2020

Opera companies’ online offerings, including White Snake Projects’ ambitious ‘Alice in the Pandemic,’ continue to explore the possibilities of virtual performance.

香蕉视频苹果下载October 26, 2020


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