Notable & Quotable

‘I don’t know that we would’ve been able to recover from the law-and-order narrative if the president himself hadn’t contracted the virus.’

‘Minneapolis officials are considering bringing in officers from other jurisdictions to help the city’s Police Department as they face a wave of violent crime and an officer shortage.’

‘Republicans are positioned to gain a well-respected conservative jurist on the Supreme Court, while Democrats have maintained their strong political position by not wasting valuable capital on the fight.’

‘Counties with lower disparities in shares of tests coming back positive will advance faster through the four tiers, allowing more business and public sectors to reopen.’

‘While in this more modern milieu cartoons are often harsh and dark, Charles still sends them back to the artists with instructions to draw in a smile.’

‘The most telling and ominous finding is that students may be more directly responsible than administrators and professors for quelling speech.’

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