Middle East

The Palestinian Authority said it would resume cooperation with Israel after cutting off contact in May, a move that reflects Palestinian aspirations to restart peace talks with the help of the incoming Biden administration.

Five U.S. service members on a peacekeeping mission in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula were killed in a military helicopter crash on Thursday, officials said.

Several shots were fired at Saudi Arabia’s Embassy in The Hague, leaving bullet holes across the building’s facade, a day after a bomb blast hit a World War I ceremony attended by Western diplomats in the kingdom.

A bomb blast hit a World War I commemoration ceremony attended by Western diplomats in Jeddah, injuring at least two people, the second attack in two weeks targeting foreign missions in the kingdom.

The coronavirus pandemic and low oil prices have led Persian Gulf countries to overhaul policies that often hew to Islamic traditions but hinder efforts to draw foreign talent and global investment.

Militia leader Khalifa Haftar, who commands troops in eastern Libya and faces a pivotal moment in his efforts to retake the rest of the country, is facing lawsuits in the U.S. that accuse him of war crimes for his role in Libya’s bloody civil war.

Lebanon’s multiple crises, compounded by the massive explosion at the Beirut port in August, have plunged the middle class into poverty and the poor into destitution, driving some to leave the country and those who remain to struggle for a way to survive.

With a population of nearly 100 million and an established vaccine-manufacturing capacity, Egypt is emerging as a critical proving ground for global powers seeking to export a vaccine to the developing world.

Here is a look at what is behind the U.S.-brokered agreement by Israel and Sudan to normalize relations, its significance and its potential impact.

Nearly 200 people were killed and more than 6,000 injured in a massive explosion at the port in Beirut, ravaging the heart of residential areas and the city’s vibrant downtown business district.

Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri was nominated as the next premier a year after he quit the position, a move that risks angering many Lebanese who sought a complete overhaul of the political system they blame for the deadly Beirut explosion.

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