Ms. Dobriansky and Mr. Rivkin present a strong case for taking action against the Cuban slave trade in medical doctors, but there is an even better solution: Hire the doctors to work in the U.S.

President Obama’s final budget (fiscal 2017) spent 3.1% of GDP on defense, near the modern low of 2.9% at the end of our blissful 1990s holiday from geopolitical reality.

Most high earners haven’t reaped a windfall. They’ve reaped what they’ve sown through extra years of education, long hours at work, risk-taking, delayed gratification, wise saving and investing.

Joe Biden can demonstrate a bipartisan governing agenda by championing the HHS final rules requiring hospitals and health insurers to post their discounted cash prices and cost-sharing information.

It is not obvious that the federal court’s assertion of control over presidential elections isn’t a greater threat to our constitutional framework than a popular election.

Ezekiel Emanuel, a member of Joe Biden’s Covid-19 Advisory Board, in 2014 wrote “Why I Hope to Die at 75.” Does he realize Joe Biden will be 78 when he takes office or that Nancy Pelosi is 80?

Nancy Pelosi refused to budge on a $2.2 trillion spending demand. Was 82% of a GOP stimulus loaf in October not better than no loaf at all? Were Democrats blamed by reporters for being obstructionists? Of course not.

The high cost of regulations as well as keeping up with technology demands are just a few of the factors driving challenges to black-owned banks and small, community banks.

Merv Griffin and I revived “Jeopardy.” We never dreamed back then that it would still be on the air, thanks to the extraordinary qualities of Alex.

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