Election 2020

President-elect Joe Biden named a slate of key White House staff members as he continues to fill out his team before taking office in January.

President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani claimed in federal court that the presidential election had been marred by voter fraud, particularly because of the prevalence of mail-in ballots.

In the small city of Nashville, Ga., many Trump supporters are angered and emboldened by the president’s apparent loss in their state. Engaging rural voters is critical for Republicans, and conservative political groups have ramped up their efforts to turn out these rural voters.

Democratic party officials and progressive activists say Black voters were crucial to Joe Biden’s win, but they see room for improvement in the rural South.

The Georgia Republican Party is beset with infighting as leading Republicans in the state come under public attack from President Trump and his supporters following his apparent defeat by President-elect Joe Biden there.

President-elect Joe Biden said delays in his presidential transition could hinder the federal government response to the coronavirus pandemic.

President-elect Joe Biden’s ambitious Democratic agenda—including raising corporate taxes—faces formidable opposition from a power center he knows well: former aides who are now lobbyists or advisers to companies and industries at odds with his goals.

President-elect Joe Biden’s top adviser says a government agency’s delay in officially acknowledging his electoral victory could hinder efforts to prepare for the distribution of a coronavirus vaccine, among other critical issues.

President Trump said Sunday morning that Democrat Joe Biden ‘won because the election was rigged,’ his first comments suggesting he believed he had lost the presidential election. Mr. Trump later tweeted that he wasn’t conceding and said, ‘We will win.’

Thousands of supporters of the president gathered in the capital to protest the results of the election. They were greeted by counterdemonstrations, and skirmishes between the two sides attracted police attention.

President Trump paid a visit to demonstrators who gathered in Washington in a show of support for him, driving past the crowd in his motorcade and waving en route to his golf course in Virginia.

Some law firms representing President Trump’s legal push to remain in the White House are withdrawing from cases or clarifying their roles amid pressure to end their involvement.

Under questioning from judges, at least two of the lawyers have backed away from suggestions the election was stolen or fraudulent. In other instances, attorneys have said under oath they have no evidence of fraud.

President Trump and his allies have filed lawsuits alleging election irregularities or improper ballot-counting procedures in five states where President-elect Joe Biden leads. Here is a guide to the lawsuits.

From 1980 through 2016, 19 of the nation’s more than 3,000 counties voted for the eventual president in every election. Only one of them, Washington state’s Clallam County, backed President-elect Joe Biden last week.

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