The virus continues to spread. What’s needed now: rapid antigen tests like the one for flu or strep.

Representatives can’t do our jobs when we’re stuck at home. So the speaker is writing the laws herself.

An American private security company does battle with the terrorists of al-Shabaab.

Gilead Sciences failed for years to prove its efficacy, but patent law and markets helped it to persevere.

California’s beach closure is tough on those who can’t afford backyard pools.

Other demographic groups get only sympathy when hit especially hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

In most states, ‘certificate-of-need’ laws stand in the way of new medical facilities and services.

He’s rising in the polls, but ‘Who’s tougher on China?’ isn’t what he should be asking.

Congress could push it back a few weeks, but the Constitution sets the end of the term on Jan. 20.

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