Commodities & Futures


Allowing lithium to trade freely on an exchange could help shed more light on historically opaque prices for the metal, a key ingredient in rechargeable batteries for smartphones, laptops and electric vehicles.

April 8, 2021


The higher demand expected for gasoline additive ethanol could boost corn prices that already have reached lofty levels on strong demand from China.

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Nearly a yearlong bull run among industrial metals is faltering as the unwinding of a stimulus in China slows demand, underscoring the increasingly pivotal role its state-led economy plays in global commodity booms.

March 28, 2021


The world’s thirst for gasoline isn’t likely to return to pre-pandemic levels, the International Energy Agency forecast, calling a peak for the fuel that has powered personal transportation for more than a century.

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A new outbreak of African swine fever is putting new strain on China’s efforts to rebuild its pig herds—a threat to U.S. farmers’ hopes to sell more soybeans there this year.

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Some investors are betting commodity prices will surge over a long period, but history suggests the conditions aren’t right.

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The multibillion-dollar market for poultry and meat could soon join the electronic revolution that shifted financial markets from crowded pits of traders onto stacks of humming servers.

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Though the climb in gas prices was short lived, producers and analysts say that enough gas was burned during the cold snap to likely keep prices from crashing when furnaces are shut off in spring.

March 4, 2021

Gas Markets

Frozen oil and gas wells and pipeline infrastructure have reduced the fuel available to power plants as companies seek to restore electricity to millions this week.

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Diamond prices have rebounded from a coronavirus-driven slump thanks to the reopening of some economies in Asia and strong jewelry sales around the world over the holiday period.

February 9, 2021