Off Duty Travel

The haunting Nevada desert, featured in this year’s Oscar-winning film, draws travelers in search of hot springs, ghost towns and off-the-grid adventurers.

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Off Duty Travel

How to have a real vacation in a single afternoon? Purchase day-pass access to one of these hotel pools, from Nashville to Beverly Hills.

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The Middle Seat

Expect more annoyances, like longer airport security lines and reduced hotel services, as more U.S. travelers ramp up to hit the road.

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Off Duty Travel

The most bragworthy hotel in Europe is set to open at Versailles in June. That’s just one reason why this favorite day-trip destination deserves a longer stay.

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Off Duty Travel

Want to simultaneously book a much-needed escape and finally see your extended clan? Family-reunion vacations are taking off. Here’s how to max out together-time, plus nine resorts that welcome big broods.

May 22, 2021

Off Duty Travel

The 49th State is a hot ticket this summer, but it’s not easy to plan a trip there. A brief guide for rookies, from high-flying adventures to low-stress sightseeing.

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Best Of | Travel

A few of our favorite driving vacations in the U.S., meticulously planned from beginning to end.

May 20, 2021

Traveler's Tale

Food writer Alexander Lobrano first visited Europe in the 1970s on a summer vacation with his mother. She wanted him to learn about the Roman Empire. He wanted to eat.

May 11, 2021

Off Duty Travel

Her wings clipped during the pandemic, a New Yorker finds a sweetly “madcap” seaside destination in Red Hook, just a ferry (or bike) ride from home

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Off Duty Travel

We can’t attend the Olympic Games in Tokyo, but with these book, food and film recommendations from locals, we can immerse ourselves in the city and the culture. Plus: an “intensely embarrassing” reality dating show.

May 5, 2021