Ask Ariely

A behavioral economist answers questions on camera addiction, back-to-work burnout and giving effective compliments.

Wilczek's Universe

Like infants exploring how the world works, scientists are driven by curiosity and awe to build a deeper picture of reality.


New technology makes it possible to create videos that show a person doing or saying anything the creator wants—and it’s not clear what U.S. law can do about it.

Table Talk

No longer a drab exercise in dieting or self-denial, salads have become a sharp, spicy reflection of the best in culinary trends.


The world should learn from the most successful strategies for testing, quarantine, public communication and economic support.


Five artists featured in upcoming exhibitions share what they are looking forward to seeing and doing in 2021.

Weekend Confidential

The author of the National Book Award-winning “Interior Chinatown” wittily explores the complexities of immigration and the trajectory of today’s Asian-Americans.

Mind and Matter: Susan Pinker

New research shows that the psychological benefits of dog ownership are real —and especially valuable during the pandemic.


The original cover art for “The Blue Lotus,” an artistic breakthrough for the cartoonist Hergé, will be auctioned in Paris next month.

Word on the Street

An acronym that didn’t exist in 2019 has been proclaimed Word of the Year for the long shadow it has cast over our language.