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The European Union, Canada and other developed countries have signed deals to get hundreds of millions of doses of Covid-19 vaccines and boosters over the next two years, furthering a divide between rich and poor countries.

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The early-stage trial will explore whether people can be given a booster shot different from their original Covid-19 vaccine to extend a shot’s protection or fight off an elusive variant.

June 1, 2021

What's Your Workout?

After searching for years for the right fitness routine that took his prosthetic leg into account, he found what he needed with the basic swim stroke.

May 29, 2021


The approval for kids 12 to 15 years old will give a boost to the continent’s Covid-19 vaccination campaign at a time when the infection rate has begun falling quickly.

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The company said it is cooperating with the probe of issues at the plant, which has been flagged for deficiencies after FDA inspections and is the subject of employee allegations of document tampering.

May 27, 2021

WSJ News Exclusive

Google and national hospital chain HCA will work to develop algorithms to help improve operating efficiency, monitor patients and guide doctors’ decisions.

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The inoculations are a sign of progress in fighting the pandemic. Yet many health experts doubt enough people will be immunized to reach herd immunity.

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Health & Wellness

Fitness trackers are often mainly used to count steps but your heart-rate metrics can also be revealing, doctors say.

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Health & Wellness

Two weeks after delivering a healthy baby boy, a WSJ reporter found herself back in the hospital battling a life-threatening infection. Her experience shows the gaps in U.S. postpartum healthcare, doctors say.

May 24, 2021