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Making It Work

As the new coronavirus changes how we work, The Wall Street Journal is looking at how different people are coping.

A Neurosurgeon Takes New Role to Care for Covid-19 Patients

Dr. Elizabeth Fontana, a neurosurgeon by training, was redeployed to a Covid-19 unit where she spends most of her time tending to the needs of critically ill patients and trying to comfort their families.

Luxury-Hotel Owner Opens Her Doors to Coronavirus Patients

Maraya Perinat, founder of Barcelona’s five-star Cotton House Hotel, switched from luxury tourists that paid around $450 a room to Covid-19 patients to help relieve pressure on overwhelmed intensive-care units.

Priest’s Easter Message: Church Can Endure the Virus

Rev. Steven Paulikas relies on teleconferencing to safely shepherd members of All Saints’ Episcopal Church, while a morgue truck across the street casts a “daily shadow of death.”

Impossible Foods CEO on Running a $4 Billion Startup From Children’s Bedroom

Pat Brown, CEO of the plant-based meat maker, has been working from a bedroom that was occupied by his children amid his concerns about public health and the Bay Area’s “shelter in place” restrictions. “I do most of my business through this tiny portal.”

She Babysits the Internet to Keep You Productive

Amanda Graham spots AT&T broadband outages before they happen or finds a fix when they do. She says the coronavirus pandemic has expanded her universe.

A Cop Who Tracks Mobsters Is Now Focused on the Virus

Ævar Pálmi Pálmason, who serves the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police force, heads a team of so-called contact tracers in Iceland, deployed to try to keep anyone potentially infected from spreading the virus.

Janitor Braves Coronavirus Worries, Clings to Work

Elsa Romero, who cleans two floors at the Miami Tower, is holding on to her job even as the building empties out and more office workers choose to ride out the coronavirus pandemic at home. “I don’t have a plan B,” she said.

The Virus Is Changing the Way We Say Goodbye to Loved Ones

As a funeral director, Mike Zuzga’s job is to lend mourners a shoulder to cry on and accommodate their needs as they grieve. In the coronavirus pandemic, he can no longer lend that shoulder, and he has begun to resemble far more of a bad cop than he ever intended.

Anxious About Coronavirus? This Crisis Guru Wants to Calm Your Fears

Fear of illness. Anxiety over potential financial strain or job loss. These are the issues Nancy Lublin is watching pour into Crisis Text Line, her nonprofit text-messaging organization she operates with funding from tech-industry billionaires. The volume of messages has surged during the coronavirus pandemic.

As Tele-Counseling Booms, a Therapist Seeks Respite

Dr. Amy Cirbus is finding it hard to get away from her job as a therapist and director of clinical content at a company called Talkspace. Simple things—like taking a peaceful walk or tucking her children in—take serious planning.

How a Wedding Photographer Manages Amid the Coronavirus

Alisha Crossley has raced to rebook clients whose spring wedding dreams have been scrambled by the coronavirus crisis. The Alabama photographer is now offering a new service: front-porch portraits.

As Virus Shutters Churches, an Organ Whisperer Changes Key

Robert Hiller has stood tall as Canada’s ranks of organ tuners thinned, rebuilding and installing organs for customers from Nova Scotia to Inner Mongolia. This provided steady income for 45 years, but now the order bank is nearly empty and he said he is in survival mode.

No Studio Audience? No Problem: Peloton Star Pedals On

Robin Arzón revels in providing inspiration to the cyclists pedaling in a New York studio with her as she leads classes. Coronavirus restrictions on social gatherings are now forcing her and other instructors to keep up the energy in trying times for virtual audiences only.

Storied Restaurant’s Reopening Put on Hold by Virus

St. John Frizell and his partners worked nonstop for the March 15 reopening for Gage & Tollner, a 19th-century chop-and-oyster restaurant in Brooklyn. Instead, it’s shuttered and they’ve had to lay off the staff.

Call Center Operator Keeps Phone Lines Open During Pandemic

Ben Davidowitz’s Open Access BPO counts a U.S. food-delivery service and a major hospital system among its customers. His employees are fielding calls from their homes in the Philippines.

Worker Isolates in Zoo During Coronavirus

Izzy Wheatley lives at Paradise Park in southwest England with 1,200 animals and three humans.

A Nurse’s New Reality: Recycling Masks and Calming Fears

For Emily Gundlach, a traveling nurse working at a Los Angeles-area pediatric hospital, the coronavirus pandemic means what was to be a three-month gig has been extended an extra four weeks.

Gig Worker Balances Big Paydays Against Virus Risks

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Joseph Puma’s best day as a gig worker was a $344 haul he notched last year. Last Friday, he nearly doubled that tally and followed up with another $602 over the weekend.

How a Mailman Still Carries On During Coronavirus

Duluth postman Dik LaPine’s route takes him to many local businesses. He avoids touching and washes his hands dozens of times a day. The Wall Street Journal looks at how coronavirus is changing the way people work.