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The Decade in Review

Consider just a few signal events from the 2010s: Donald Trump won the presidency. Unemployment fell to 3.5%. Britain decided to leave the European Union. Facebook became more valuable than General Electric, AT&T and Citigroup combined. The U.S. became the world’s No. 1 energy producer. Same-sex marriage became the law of the land. The Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Big tech became even bigger, and China kept rising—in both cases prompting a backlash. The economy grew, slowly but steadily, but the financial crisis left an imprint on our politics and society. And again: The Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Our look back doesn’t attempt to recap every major event of the 2010s. Our aim is to provide some food for thought, a distilled reflection on key trends and moments that defined the decade, and will set the stage for the next one. — Matt Murray, editor in chief of The Wall Street Journal

The Changing Makeup of American Families

There were fewer nuclear families and many more alternative arrangements, such as unmarried parents.

Ten Years Later, the Affordable Care Act’s Legacy
Journal Reports: Decade in Review

Although still a political football, the ACA has made a lasting impact on everything from health coverage for people with pre-existing conditions to drug costs for seniors.

For CEOs, It’s a Whole New Job

Along with having to deal with globalism, nationalism, trade wars, AI, big data and cybersecurity, CEOs are increasingly expected to take stands on social issues.

The Decade in Art: Expanded Voices, Consolidated Markets

While commercial worth has replaced aesthetic value for much of the art world, museums are still mounting impressive shows and under-recognized artists are beginning to get their due.

How the U.S. Became a Nation Divided
Journal Reports: Decade in Review

Political, cultural and economic gaps have hardened amid anxiety born of the financial crisis and a fundamental argument over American values.

When Frugality Got Its Groove Back
Journal Reports: Decade in Review

In the past decade, being thrifty became conspicuous, extreme and maybe even kind of cool.

The Decade in Movies: Living Through a Revolution

Multiplexes are taking hits from streaming services, and risk-averse entertainment conglomerates are leading the studio system toward extinction, but filmmakers around the world are still making brilliantly cinematic features.

A Decade of News: How the Big Stories Evolved
Journal Reports: Decade in Review

A WSJ analysis of millions of articles shows how coverage of hot-button topics changed in the 2010s.

The Changing Face of Immigration
Journal Reports: Decade in Review

Most of those crossing into the U.S. illegally used to be Mexican men seeking work. Now it is families and unaccompanied minors from Central America seeking asylum.

The Decade in Music: Intimacy Delivered via Headphones

While the internet revolution has reshaped the way we get our music, it’s also brought listeners closer than ever to the artists who create it.

The Imperial Powers of the Tech Universe
Journal Reports: Decade in Review

The biggest tech companies are ubiquitous parts of modern life, touch billions of people around the globe—and can shrug off fines in the billions

For Business, Climate Change Has Become Real
Journal Reports: Decade in Review

Since the Paris climate pact, many companies have been pursuing ways to reduce carbon emissions—and meet growing consumer demand for climate-friendly products.