Natural Resources


Nestlé, Unilever and other companies are working with suppliers on paper packaging to address environmental concerns, but matching plastic for keeping food fresh is a big challenge.


Many miners, including giants Anglo-American and Glencore, don’t always count transportation deaths in their end-of-year tallies, keeping death tolls lower and sometimes allowing executives to get bigger bonuses for so-called zero-fatality years.


The world’s largest miners have published global standards for building and managing mine-waste dams, including guidelines aimed at making the safety auditing of these giant structures more independent.

Risk & Compliance Journal

Sculptor Capital Management has agreed to pay $136 million to a group of former investors in a Congolese mine who were found by a court to be victims of a decade-old bribery scheme involving the hedge fund.


As world powers seek dominance in the Arctic Circle, opponents of a Chinese company’s purchase of a Canadian gold mine say blocking the deal is in Canada’s national interest.

Pro Bankruptcy Bankruptcy

Rhino Resource Partners, which got a $10 million loan under the Paycheck Protection Program, has filed for bankruptcy amid declining coal prices and disruption to mining operations caused by the coronavirus pandemic.