Financial Services

Risk & Compliance Journal

Katherine Brennan, Marsh McLennan’s chief compliance officer, discussed changes in the compliance profession before starting her new role as general counsel at the Marsh insurance brokerage arm.

May 31, 2021

Family & Tech: Julie Jargon

After college, life is full of decisions about 401(k)s, health insurance and budgeting. Apps like Realworld, Credit Karma and Mint help navigate the confusing world of grown-ups.

May 29, 2021

WSJ News Exclusive

The activist investor is backing the insurer’s moves to cut costs and sell more products directly to consumers.

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WSJ News Exclusive

While the number of policies posted their biggest quarterly gain in almost 40 years, the average size shrank, reflecting sales to households with smaller incomes.

May 26, 2021

Heard on the Street

Investors hunting for signs of inflation pressure should keep an eye on something they might not usually think about: the cost of insuring a car or home.

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CFO Journal

The pizza chain said Chief Financial Officer Stuart Levy is leaving to pursue opportunities outside the company.

May 19, 2021


The president’s proclamations rescind orders concerning a healthcare requirement for green-card applicants, the protection of U.S. monuments and legal protections for online platforms.

May 14, 2021

Financial Regulation

Germany’s financial regulator told N26 Bank, a hot digital startup with operations in Europe and the U.S., to implement proper controls to prevent money laundering, taking the unusual step of appointing a special monitor.

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