Defense & Aerospace


The launch was of “very practical significance’” to the country’s antiaircraft missile systems, Pyongyang’s state media says.

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Pro Bankruptcy Distress

A federal jury found that a helicopter maker backed by financier Lynn Tilton defrauded the U.S. military, awarding $36 million in damages to the government and whistleblowers, an amount that could be tripled under a federal law.

September 27, 2021

WSJ News Exclusive

The panel of experts, tasked with monitoring international sanctions on North Korea, has fallen into dysfunction, as China seeks to help its ally and feuds with the U.S.

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Sept. 11

After the attacks, the U.S. set a new security goal: fighting terrorism at any cost. That shift has increased surveillance, empowered contractors, fueled a D.C.-area boom and changed Americans’ relationship with government.

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Heard on the Street

Shooting rich people into space gets all the press, but investors probably should pay closer attention to the more humdrum business of launching small satellites.

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Pro PE Deals

The private-equity firm plans to expand space technology provider Geost in Tucson, Ariz., through add-on acquisitions and other unspecified initiatives.

August 18, 2021

Middle East

Areas in southern Lebanon were targeted after a barrage of rockets were fired into Israel by the Iran-allied militants, marking an escalation of monthslong tensions between the two neighbors.

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It is unclear when Boeing will attempt to launch its Starliner space taxi after engineers detected a problem with valves on a propulsion system on the vehicle

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WSJ News Exclusive

Western security officials say they now view Iranian precision-strike capabilities as a more immediate danger to Middle East stability than Iran’s sanctioned nuclear-enrichment and ballistic-missile programs.

July 29, 2021