Where Joe Biden Stands on Key Issues

The president-elect has promised to undo large parts of Trump’s policies in areas from health care to immigration

After meeting with labor and business leaders Nov. 16,, President-elect Joe Biden said that more people could die from Covid-19 if his incoming administration has to wait until Jan. 20 to plan for vaccine distribution. Photo: Andrew Harnik/AP

President-elect Joe Biden promised on the 2020 campaign trail to undo large parts of President Trump’s policies in areas from health care to immigration. He also promised the federal government would play a greater role in combating the coronavirus pandemic.

Much will depend on the makeup of Congress and whether the government remains divided. His more aggressive plans likely wouldn’t pass a Republican-controlled Senate.

There are also a few areas—from China to drug prices and big tech—where Mr. Biden’s policies aren’t likely to differ greatly from those of Mr. Trump.

Here’s a look at where Mr. Biden stands on a range of key policy issues:


Mr. Biden proposes the federal government play a more active and centralized role in responding to the crisis. He would urge all Americans to wear masks and work with state leaders on mask mandates. Mr. Biden would also restore funding to the World Health Organization, from which the president has been withdrawing the U.S.

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