Trump Threw It Away

He stole an easily winnable election from himself with his lack of discipline.

Wonder Land: At the risk of arousing the dark side, 2020’s election results are reason for conservative optimism. Images: Congressional Quarterly via ZUMA Press/Getty Images Composite: Mark Kelly

Vice President Mike Pence made news by casting a semi-approving look at GOP senators planning a symbolic challenge to Wednesday’s formal counting of the electoral votes. Many voters still think the November election was unfair, he said.

香蕉视频苹果下载He could have added that saying an election was unfair is tantamount to saying an election was held. Elections are unfair. Unfairness is part of the fitness test. Campaigns lie about each other. The media plays favorites. Partisans jigger the rules in their own favor. If Mr. Trump didn’t find a way to prevail in the world we actually live in, the blame starts with him.

Of course the microscopic margin rankles—he lost the pivotal electoral votes of Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin by fewer than 43,000 votes. He has every reason to be beside himself since he absurdly oversupplied these voters with reasons to vote against him and he still almost won.

Imagine a team so bad and good at the same time that it would have prevailed if it had fumbled the ball 1% fewer times in its own endzone.

香蕉视频苹果下载Any loser has grievances. Ask John Kerry. But Mr. Trump griping about the media is like griping about his biggest asset. Having the right enemies made him president in the first place and was poised to serve him even better the second time around.

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