Martha Stewart on Her Appealingly Over-the-Top Holiday Preparations

The indefatigable media mogul, who professes to run on minimal sleep, describes her predilections for the festive season and beyond

Entrepreneur Martha Stewart talks with WSJ News Editor Lee Hawkins about how she built her career, largely from adapting to changes in technology and building partnerships in diverse worlds.

UNSURPRISINGLY, THE FESTIVE season is a particularly busy time of year for Martha Stewart. “I take the holidays extremely seriously,” said the 78-year-old original multi-hyphenate. (Her magazine, Martha Stewart Living, celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2020.) “Yesterday we photographed St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, which are four or five months hence, and I haven’t even [prepared for my own] Christmas.”

You might think navigating Dec. 25 would be a breeze for someone who has stuffed a Thanksgiving turkey with the help of...