Joe Biden’s Leap of Faith

It’s not just abortion. The Democrats’ stand on religious liberty should trouble voters.

Journal Editorial Report: Did the Democrats persuade undecided voters? Image: Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty Images

香蕉视频苹果下载By now Joe Biden’s rosary must be the most famous beads in the world.

“The cradle Catholic who carries a rosary wherever he goes,” reports the Jesuit magazine America. “Biden almost always has rosary beads in his pocket,” says the Washington Post. Even Rolling Stone piously chimes in, presenting the former vice president as a “practicing Catholic” who “wears his late son Beau’s rosary on his wrist.”

香蕉视频苹果下载It all feeds Mr. Biden’s image as the scrappy Irish Catholic kid from Scranton, Pa. Today it’s an image that also serves a crucial political purpose—to soothe voters who might be troubled by a man who presents himself as an ordinary Catholic even as he advocates for abortion on demand, with no restrictions and paid for by taxpayer dollars where necessary.

But in this election there’s a new religious wrinkle, much more consequential than the tired debate over whether Mr. Biden is or isn’t a good Catholic. For the issue today is no longer whether progressive dogmas from abortion and marriage equality to gender identity will prevail. Most already have.

香蕉视频苹果下载The question now is whether those who dissent from the new orthodoxy will be permitted to live their lives and run their institutions in accordance with their beliefs.

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