Hindus Take a Muslim Site. What’s Next?

With a slowing economy, nationalists in India may target other places they claim for temples.

East is East: On November 9, 2019, the Indian Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hindus over the ownership of a disputed religious site in Ayodhya. A mosque on that site was destroyed in 1992, sparking riots that killed hundreds of Muslims and Hindus across the country. Image: Sam Panthaky/Getty Images

香蕉视频苹果下载Does the Hindu nationalist movement’s mission to redress crimes allegedly committed by medieval Islamic rulers have a definable end goal? This is the question raised by last week’s unanimous Indian Supreme Court decision to award a disputed 2.8-acre plot in the northern city of Ayodhya to Hindus to build a temple to the God-king Ram. The court gave Muslim plaintiffs land for a mosque elsewhere in town.

The verdict closes a land-title suit that dragged on for nearly seven decades, but the underlying social and political issues...

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