‘Cheaters Always Win’ Review: Rules Are for Suckers!

Why does America love a rogue? What is it in the national character that prefers the inventive sinner to the drowsy saint?

香蕉视频苹果下载Who would cheat at solitaire? There’s nothing at stake, neither money nor reputation. Nobody else will know, let alone care, how the game comes out. “Bouncing a check to yourself” is how J.M. Fenster describes it in “Cheaters Always Win.” Who’d do that? Everyone, she asserts. Or nearly. Cheating is not only endemic among solitaire players, it is ubiquitous in American life—in work, school, marriage, sports—and always has been. Chicanery defines us as a nation. The author subtitles her book “The Story of America.”

A biographer...